Rayman says hello to the PS Vita

Rayman says hello to the PS Vita

Rayman is appearing everywhere recently with Rayman Legends making an appearance on consoles however now we hear that he’ll be making another appearance, this time on the PS Vita.

The game will be popping up on the Vita in North America on the 3rd of September. The game will be shipping with 5 exclusive levels that will allow you to control the on screen action with the rear touchpad. Rayman will also see two new exclusive costumes, Globox will be receiving a Splinter Cell attire while Rayman himself will be able to don a Prince of Persia get up.

There will also be multiplayer support over Wi-Fi for local co-op as long they’re located in the same country. Leaderboards and online competitive challenges will round off the multiplayer offerings.


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