Fans speak out on favourite HYDE style

Fans speak out on favourite HYDE style

HYDE is a hugely popular singer in Japan and the fact that he’s over 40 only lends to his appeal. He fronts the rock band,  L’Arc〜en〜Ciel responsible for “Day Break’s Bell” from the Gundam OO Ending Theme. Over time he’s used many different styles from cyber punk through to a traditional bishie rocker which is evident from his many MV’s.



An official site was set up to allow the fans to have their say and let the interwebs know what they think of his top 48 styles are. The voting event was called HYDE48 which is a play on the existing AKB48 election where fans can vote for and select their favourite style. As of writing, there are nearly 15,000 votes with the voting closing on June the 9th at 22:59 so if you haven’t had your say yet, don’t miss out. You can vote more than once but the system will make you wait for 5 minutes between each vote.

If you’re a fan, click on over to the site and have a voice and see if your favourite one wins.

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