Have a peek at Attack on Titan soundtrack

Love anime OST’s and the new Attack on Titan anime? This should whet the appetite then news of the upcoming soundtrack, including the track list, have just been released.

attack on titan ost

The soundtrack features some amazing covert art while at the same time will probably win an award for having some strange track names thrown into the mix.

1. attack ON titan <Vocal: MIKA KOBAYASHI>
2. The Reluctant Heroes <Vocal: mpi>
3. eye-water
4. 立body機motion
5. counter・attack-mankind
6. army ⇒ G♂
7. Vogel im Kafig <Vocal: Cyua>
9. 凸】♀】♂】←巨人
10. E・M・A
11. 巨♀〜9地区
12. Bauklotze <Vocal: MIKA KOBAYASHI>
13. 2chi城
14. XL-TT
15. Call your name <Vocal: mpi & CASG (Caramel Apple Sound Gadget)>
16. omake-pfadlib
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