Mario & Luigi team up in July

Easily one of the best things that Nintendo have done in recent years is putting Mario’s less famous brother, Luigi, in the spotlight. This has never been more evident with 2013 being the Year of Luigi and having various Luigi themed events and releases around the sibling in green overalls.

July will see Luigi team up with Mario on the Nintendo 3DS in their latest outing, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Scheduled for release on the 12th of July, the game will the brothers take on the Mushroom Kingdom in Luigi’s dream. This outing continues their adventures in the successful RPG Mario & Luigi series making this the 4th adventure together.


In the game, Princess Peach can’t stay out of trouble for too long and soon enough is kidnapped by a new enemy to the series and whisked away to DreamWorld. The new enemy is known as the ghostly bat king, Antasma. Mario jumps into the fray by infiltrating the dreams of Luigi who shares the same brain wavelength as the realm of Pi’illo Island which is where this story all started. Together the two brothers will jump in and out of the dream world into the real world tackling foes, battling enemies and solving puzzles along the way.

This sounds like a unique and exciting entry to the series and one that fans will be able to sink right into. Make no  mistake, this isn’t another Mario game, this is something unique which gamers will lap up. More info on this as we get it.

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