Hatsune Miku appears on T-cards for Japan

Hatsune Miku appears on T-cards for Japan

T-cards in Japan are a point based “credit card” which you can present when making purchases at different stores to accumulate points, like a reward system. For Australian readers, much like the Flybuys card we have here.

Miku T card 1

T-cards in Japan can be used at franchise convenience store, Family Mart, as well as CD/DVD rental store chain, Tsutaya. When you shop there, you can hand the card to the attendant who then issues you with points depending on what you’re purchasing. Recently, Family Mart and Tsutaya have teamed up to produce new cards featuring vocaloid, Hatsune Miku. The cards have been named the “Hatsune Miku x T-Card”.

The cards will be featuring illustrations of Hatsune by Puchidevil, a well known Miku artist. Most Family Mart stores have already put up signs outside advertising the latest collaboration to passerbys. To register for the card will cost ¥525 which puts it under $6.

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