Akihabara opens pirate maid cafe

Akihabara opens pirate maid cafe

Akihabara, Ground Zero for Otakus around the world has many unique and distinct features, none more so than the maid cafes. These are the cafes where you can have a feed and a drink while waited on hand and foot by maids in cute outfits.

We hear now that a new style of maid cafe opened in March called “Grand Pirates” which has been decked out with a pirate theme. As of writing, there are 20 maids employed carrying out roles from pirate queens, heavy drinkers and widows. The venue also caters to the drinkers by serving various cocktail drinks and the food menu has also been pirate themed.

Pirate Cafe 2

The employees with put on a mini show as requested by the patrons as well as having a game called “Pirate Queen Awilda’s Initiation Punishment” which involves letting a pirate maid slap you across the face. The cafe is open Monday to Thursday between 5:00PM to 11:00PM, Friday’s 5:00PM – 5:00AM. Public holiday and weekend times can be found on the site below.

Grand Pirates Cafe official site.

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