Wind Waker HD update

Revisit the Great Sea in Wind Waker for Wii U


Wii U owners will soon be able to add a new title to their collection of Zelda games, as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is coming to Wii U. Those familiar with the series will know that name, as it was originally released on GameCube back in 2003.


The title was at the time a bold move on the part of the developers, as they chose to give the graphics a more cartoon-like feel using cel-shading. Some fans of Link were initially none too pleased about the look, but in subsequent years it’s probably fair to say most have been won around by ‘Toon Link’.


So is this release simply a rereleased ten-year anniversary edition? Well not quite. Obviously technology has moved on in the past decade and utilising the capabilities of the Wii U console Nintendo has chosen to give the game a high-definition sheen that could breathe new life in to title that many will feel they know inside out. It also means that those who never had the chance to enjoy one of the GameCube’s best offerings first time around will now be able to immerse themselves in the story.


The exciting developments came from a recent Nintendo Direct presentation by director Eiji Aonuma. Visuals shown certainly during the video certainly look impressive and it will be interesting to see how these are implemented when it comes to the look of the ocean and sailing, which plays a major part of Wind Waker.


A release date has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo but it is thought that the most likely time will be this autumn, with some sources hinting at an October unveiling. So will you be heading back to the Great Sea once it hits shelves? It also raises the question of whether there are any other classic titles you would like to see given a modern day freshen up? It has worked well the Super Mario Brothers that’s for sure. With so many to choose from it would probably prove a challenging task trying to narrow down the list.


And in an extra treat for fans of Zelda games, Aonuma also hinted at another, entirely new, release to add to your Wii U games. Further details on this are expected to be revealed later this year, in time for release in 2014. In comments likely to intrigue gamers, he added those working on the game have been asked to “rethink the conventions” of how the game is played – which could see some interesting changes being introduced.

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