Carwash service for Akihabara

Carwash service for Akihabara

When you hear of a temporary carwash set up in the Holy Grail land of Akihabara, you just know that there has to be a twist to it, right? This is no different with a new group calling themselves the  “Sukumizu Sensha Jikkou Iinkai/School Swimsuits Car Washing Executive Committee” taking pre-orders for cars to be washed by young women in swimsuits, or Sukumizu as they’re known in Japan.

Akiba carwash 1

The service will be short lived as it runs from July 25 through to August 31. The car wash itself will take 30 minutes and will set you back ¥10,000, or around the $100 mark, ouch! At the end of the wash, you will also have the chance to have a snap taken with the two ladies in front of your car. Below, you’ll be able to see some pics from the r=training session they held to strengthen their technique.

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