2 new game releases for PS Vita

2 new game releases for PS Vita

November will see a couple of exciting titles coming out for the PS Vita. First up is an anime title receiving the game adaptation, Steins;Gate. To give it its full title, Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram will be a visual novel game containing various different stories. One such story revolves around a man who takes out the lottery and is trying to determine the best way to make his daughter happy.

steins gate

The other game for the PS Vita is called White Album 2 which is a dating sim turned into a visual novel. The story in this one centres around Haruki Kitahara who’s involved in his school’s music club as their second guitarist. He works on recruiting two female main characters in Kazusa Touma, a pianist and vocalist Setsuna Ogiso.

white album 2

So both these games are visual novels and they’re both due in November and for more coincidence, they’re both touching down on the same day, November 28.

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