Monster Hunter 4 shows new charge axe

Capcom recently held an event for some lucky gamers to promote the upcoming 3DS game, Monster Hunter 4. Called “Summer Hunting Tryouts”, the event saw Capcom showing off some of the new features for MonHun fans. This ranged from the new Insect Staff weapon through to the brand spanking new jump ability and the Charge Axe.

The clip of the event isn’t short at just over 30 minutes long but in case you’ve missed the latest Monster Hunter 4 trailer, you can catch it at the 3:23 mark while skipping forward to 15:50 will show you what the people who got a chance to play it with the new features thought of it. Apparently the Insect Staff weapon was a bit difficult to use at first but after some time became very natural and easy to use.

The 19:20 minute mark is of particular interest as two key developers, Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Director Kaname Fujioka take to the game with the new Charge Axes as they venture on a hunt. The weapon has both a sword mode and an Axe mode both with their strengths and weaknesses which they talk about. There’s even a Great Jaggi hunt thrown into the mix as well.

Monster Hunter 4 touches down in Japan on September 14.

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