Japan invaded by the Megaburgerpizza

Have you ever come across lunchtime and been in a dilemma as to what eat? What about if you can’t make up your mind between a burger or a pizza? Well now thanks to an enterprising pizza parlour in Kyoto, that choice is no longer a burden.

The parlour called Pizza Little Party have just taken their covers off their latest monstrosity or culinary delight, if you will. They have created the Megaburgerpizza, it’s so big it doesn’t even need spaces between the words. It tips the scales at a heaving 1.2 kilograms, big for a pizza or a burger. So what we’re looking at are 2 pizza pies encasing 400 gram meat patties with the pizzas measuring at 27cm or 11″.


Topping it all off is some original meat sauce with a special cheese blend. You’ll have the option of traditional burger toppings as well ranging from onions through to pickles and mustard. This tasty treat will set you back ¥2,580 and will be served up in the pizza parlour from September 1 through to November 22. If you happen to be in Kyoto and have some time and friends on your hands, give it a try!

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