TGS ’13: Curtain Call demo info for Tokyo Game Show

TGS ’13: Curtain Call demo info for Tokyo Game Show

Some fresh information from Square Enix has just been released regarding the demo for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call at TGS, namely the tracks that will be in the demo, and let’s just say, it’s an impressive list. The songs have been broken up into BMS – Battle Music Stage, EMS – Event Music Stage and FMS – Field Music Stage.

Final Fantasy V

  • BMS – Battle at the Big Bridge
  • FMS – Airship

Final Fantasy VI

  • BMS – The Decisive Battle
  • FMS – Edgar and Mash’s Theme

Final Fantasy IX

  • BMS – Hunter Chance
  • FMS – You’re Not Alone

Final Fantasy X

  • BMS – Seymour Battle
  • FMS – Zanarkand

Final Fantasy XIV

  • BMS – Ten Yori Furishi Chikara

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

  • EMS – Advent: One-Winged Angel

Final Fantasy Type-0

  • EMS – Warera Kitareri

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • BMS – Crimson Blitz
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