Gaming Life in Japan ~ 9/9/13 – 15/9/13

Straight from Japan this week with the latest instalment of Gaming Life in Japan! This is your window into the sales charts from Japan where we see how the latest games are selling and how hardware sales are performing.

This week is no real surprise considering that Monster Hunter 4 was just released, the game has absolutely gone through the roof for Capcom. The sales of the game have also been reflected in sales for the Nintendo 3DS with an impressive number of units sold through. From the software side of things, Monster Hunter 4 sold through a staggering 1,715,060 units which took it straight to the top of the software charts. The rest of the charts are made up of an equal measure of 3DS, PS3 and PSP games. Nothing for the PS Vita this week in the top 10.

Looking at hardware, the Nintendo 3DS recorded amazing sales in both the XL and regular versions of the 3DS. The 3DS sold over 270k units for the week which is a mindblowing figure when you think about it. The Wii U keeps struggling in its native country with barely over 5k units sold for the week, very worrying for Nintendo indeed.

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