Review: Ghost in the Shell: Arise (movie)

Review: Ghost in the Shell: Arise (movie)

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I watched this with a high degree of expectation being a Ghost in the Shell fan and I’ll say it straight away…I wasn’t disappointed. Arise comes to us as a prequel set before the universe of GITS that we all know and are probably used to. Arise is also the first of four planned movies which will tell the story of Major Matoko Kusanagi prior to her joining Public Security Section 9. In this first movie, she’s still with her old outfit, the Army 501 organisation.

In this first film,the plot revolves around the death of Matoko’s mentor and friend who somehow ends up becoming implicated in the homicide. Thrown in some visions that Makoto can’t trust as being real which soon leads her to start doubting the world around her as she can’t differentiate between real and illusion. It’s really a great story that’s been packed into the 50 minute running time and cleverly leaves the ending open right at a critical moment leaving you begging for more. Everything in this movie looks fantastic with that same art style from Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig despite the movie coming way after the series.

It is great to see series regulars such as Batou and Togusa both sharing a different dynamic with Kusanagi, especially Batou who having just met her has trust issues, it’s interesting to see that side of the story play out. Another fan favourite, Tachikoma, is also in there but not quite as we know them now. I don’t want to give too much away seeing as how there are still 3 parts to play out but suffice to say, if you liked GITS before then I imagine you’ll this first part prequel. If anything just to see how much of a rookie Makoto comes across as compared to the confident and battle experienced commander she ends up becoming later in life.

[starreview tpl=16] Another great entry into the GITS universe. If you’re fan, you really should get into this. Tells a great story at a cracking pace.

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