Ulala makes a comeback

Ulala makes a comeback

Space Channel 5 has developed quite the cult following over the years and with great reason. Sega’s entry into the rhythm based genre was fun, tricky and extremely addictive. Bundle in some unlockable characters such as Michael Jackson and you had a game that kept you coming back for me. However, undoubtedly, the biggest catch of the game was main character, Ulala with her pink hair and skimpy outfit.

chaos heroes online 1

Over the years, she’s made a few cameos here and there, most recently in huge crossover 3DS game, Project X Zone. Now we hear that Sega is planning on bringing back Ulala for a new title that’s just been released on PC. Chaos Heroes Online is a multiplayer affair in the style of hugely popular, DOTA. Ulala will starring along with her longtime foe, Evilia. This is a new title from Sega after recently finalising the rights to the game from Korean based developer, Neoact. Since acquiring the right, Sega have thrown more characters into the mix such as Alicia Melchiott and Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles.

chaos heroes online 2

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