Japan opens first black cat cafe

Japan opens first black cat cafe

Japan has many unique and wonderful things, one of them happens to be a cat cafe. A place where for around $10 an hour, you can go and mingle with some cute and friendly nekos and buy treats to feed them. The cats, being so used to human interaction, will happily nuzzle up against you and purr in your lap. Well, Japan has taken the niche curiosity one step further by opening a new type of cat cafe. A black cat only cafe.

Black cat cafe 1

In Himeji which can be found in the Hyogo Prefecture, the only requirement for the cats there are to be black. Named Cat Café Nekobayaka -black cat centimeter-, its been running for around two years now and it started off being a traditional cat cafe. It was only recently they overhauled the business and made it into a black cat only establishment. Have a look at the gallery below, and if you’re wondering how the cats can be told apart considering that they’re all jet black, they wear different colour collars!

[AFG_gallery id=’338′]

If you’d like to get along and check it out, the cafe can be found a stone’s throw away from the JR Himeji Station. You’ll be paying ¥1,000 for entry which covers 30 mins, additional lots of 30 mins can be purchased for ¥500. Drinks and alcohol are also on offer.

Cat Café Nekobayaka -black cat centimeter-
Address: Hyogo-ken Himeji-shi Ekimae 322 Mifune Bldg. 2F
Phone number: 090-6757-2810
Hours: Wed thru Sat, 12 P.M. to 9 P.M.
Website: http://nekobiyaka.jugem.jp/

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