Utada Hikaru revisits Kingdom Hearts

Utada Hikaru revisits Kingdom Hearts

J-Pop idol Utada Hikaru is no stranger to the world of video game music having lent her vocals previously to Kingdom Hearts on “Simple and Clean” / “Hikari” and the follow-up, Kingdom Hearts II on the tracks, “Sanctuary” / “Passion”. There are rumours abound that she now has some involvement on the upcoming, Kingdom Hearts III. This is according to some reports from Twitter where a fan asked her if she going to be involved with KHIII.


That’s when Utada’s father jumped into the conversation by saying that yes, she had been approached to work on the theme song. However, only a mere 24 hours later, her father Teruzane Utada, retracted his statement adding, “I apologize for what I said, I was little confused when asked whether we would be involved in Kingdom Hearts III. As of now it’s undecided.”

Hmm, who else thinks it’d be a great idea if this were to be true and she was involved with the theme track? We sure hope this ends up happening.


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