Gorgeous light displays for Japan

In the spirit of the upcoming festive season, Japan has adopted something a little different to what we see in the West. Across Japan, various towns and parks take to decorating their trees with these amazing lights on a very large scale. These displays go a long way to brighten up the otherwise freezing conditions of a Japanese Winter. One particular area is well known for their displays in the Mie Prefecture and that area is Nabana no Sato.

This area boasts many park areas which are more than capable of supporting the millions upon millions of lights that they use to decorate them with. This year they’ve chosen a very relevant theme which is “a celebration of Mt. Fuji as a World Heritage Site.” This following the announcement earlier this year of Mt. Fuji being named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. So how many lights were pulled out to celebrate? Try over 8.5 million lights! That’s a lot of juice to power those bulbs!

This is what the park looks like all lit up.

light park


They’ve even gone so far as to install a Mt Fuji all decorated with lights that change colour for different times of the day. We have sunrise over Mt. Fuji, beautiful sakura blooming, the summit bathed in moonlight and other seasons are also represented.

fuji lights


Fuji with lit up cherry blossoms.

fuji blossoms light


The lights are also used to build some completely impressive light tunnels that people can walk through.

light tunnel


light tunnel 2


light tunnel 3


Totally stunning, right?


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