Fate/Stay Night x Monster Hunter collaboration video

Fate/Stay Night x Monster Hunter collaboration video

One thing that Japan does well are collaborations, whether it’s music, anime or in this case, gaming. And it’s even better when it involves 2 of Japan’s biggest series’.

November 20 is the date that the PS3 receives the subscription model version of Monster Hunter Frontier G, so to mark the event the official Playstation YouTube channel has released a cool video. They’ve released several clips which shows how a few different franchises have come together in this game. The licences in the clips bring together Hatsune Miku, Fate/Stay Night and Maaya Sakmoto, a Japanese voice actress and singer.

Here’s some Monster Hunter action with Fate/stay night characters.

Some cool Hatsune Miku running around the Monster Hunter world with her humming the MH theme.

Character Utahime being voiced by Maaya.

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