Gaming Life in Japan ~ 4/11/13 – 10/11/13

Gaming Life in Japan ~ 4/11/13 – 10/11/13

Yes! Here we go again with our look at the gaming charts fresh from the Land of the Rising Sun, it’s time for Gaming Life in Japan! Let’s see which game claimed the top spot this week. Has Pokemon managed to fight off contenders? And how did the Wii U fare the month after the massive surge in sales last week? We’ll get to that so let’s kick things off.

battlefield 4

Looking at the gaming charts we can see that Pokemon X/Y has been toppled from the top spot by EA’s mighty Battlefield 4 on PS3, shifting a hefty 121,699 units in its launch week. Don’t feel too bad for Pokemon which sees it fall to the 2nd spot while another former number one has actually jumped up a spot. Monster Hunter 4 which as been in the 4th spot the past few week climbed a spot clawing back to the 3rd position. Another game we’ve been keeping a close eye on, set in Akihabara and using real life locales, Akiba’s Trip 2 for the PS Vita, was also released and saw it take the 4th spot. Meanwhile former number one, Grand Theft Auto V slips to number 6. Interesting turn of events this week with the chart an even mix of PS3 and 3DS titles with just the one Vita title thrown into the mix. We’ll see how what’s trending next week.

Looking at hardware, the 3DS LL (XL) and the regular 3DS have claimed positions 1 and 2 respectively while the Vita sits in 3rd place. The Wii U claimed the 4th spot however it saw quite a large drop is sales. As a comparison, last week saw over 38k units sold while this week sales dropped to just under 18k consoles. A difference of 20k units is a lot when previous sales haven’t been that great. We’ll see how the Wii U fares next week but with nothing major for release on the horizon, I don’t like its chances.

See you all again next week!

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