Horror Comedy Manga Receives Anime Treatment

Horror Comedy Manga Receives Anime Treatment

Fans of quirky manga, Pupipoh!, will be pleased to hear that an anime adaptation has been green lit. Pupipoh! is a different manga in that it straddles the comedy/horror line so the anime version should be quite interesting once it enters production. The anime will be airing on the TV Tokyo network, currently scheduled for a December 20th debut.


For those of you in the dark and in need of some schooling, the plot of the manga revolves around a fifth grade female student, Wakaba Himeji, who discovers she has a spiritual power in that it allows her to see things that are invisible to other people. It’s because of this ability that she finds herself as an outcast and at odds with her family and school peers. Everything changes when one day, on the side of the road she encounters a strange creature, pink in colour, chanting “Pupipoh!” After that day, everything changes in her life as she goes about her daily routine with her new pink friend.

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