Gaming Life In Japan ~ 25/11/13 – 1/12/13

Gaming Life In Japan ~ 25/11/13 – 1/12/13

That most awesome time of the week has rolled around again, it’s Gaming Life in Japan! Time to have another look at the hardware and software sales for the Land of the Rising Sun and see what’s kept the Japanese gamers busy this week.

Popular vocaloid Hatsune Miku’s latest rhythm based game for the Nintendo 3DS, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2, storms up the charts and claims the top spot with over 88k in sales. Sega definitely knows how to make these rhythm games across the 3DS and the PS Vita keeping those fingers busy and toes tapping with catchy tunes and infectious beats. Check out the video below to see what we mean.

Pokemon X and Y are both still doing great business sitting in the 2nd spot with combines sales of over 3 million units now. Japanese gamers definitely want to catch ’em all! Rounding out the top 3 is an entry from Square Enix, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, with over 60k units shifted. Meanwhile, a 1st party entry from Nintendo is helping to keep the Wii U afloat with Super Mario 3D World. One time number one hunting game, Monster Hunter 4, is still keeping its head in the top 10 taking the last spot with just under 22k units sold this week. A nice and even spread from both Sony and Nintendo this week in the software charts, each having 5 games registering for software sales.


Let’s take a look at the hardware chart where the 3DS LL (XL) is still proving itself to be the handheld that people want to play where it sold just under 85.5k units taking out the number 1 position. Seeing a change of trends for the past couple of weeks, the Wii U is still selling well and shifting more units than last week. It managed to sell just over 28k compared to 21k units last week. Meanwhile the regular 3DS is still doing well taking the 3rd spot with 25k units sold improving by more than 5k units last week. Sony’s latest hardware entry, the PS Vita TV, has also seen a drop in sales shifting under 6k units as opposed to the 7,868 units last week. Hopefully the Wii U can start to gain some ground now that a new Mario game is selling well but that may all change early next year when the PS4 touches down in Japan.

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