Hatsune Miku Talks To You…In Your Fridge

Hatsune Miku Talks To You…In Your Fridge

You know those reminder thingos that live in your fridge that let you know you to close the door or maybe to buy some milk on the way? Well an enterprising company called TechnoAlta made one that uses the popular vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.

It all starts when you open the door and Hatsune acknowledges you with Japanese phrases such as “Miku Dayo!,” “Yahoo!,” or “Genki?” But be forgetful and leave the door opened for too long and you’ll receive “Miku Dayo Miku Dayo Miku Dayo Miku Dayo…” repeatedly until you close the door. There’s also a watch attachment so she can tell the time of day and greet you accordingly when you get home from work. All the voices are saved in WAV format on an SD card.

They will commence sales of a beta version at Comic Market 85 which will be held on December 31st. The kit will be selling for ¥5,000 which includes the battery and an SD card.

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