Akihabara Mascot Girl Shows Off Debut Song

Akihabara Mascot Girl Shows Off Debut Song

Akihabara, that wonderful land for all Otakus has a mascot in the form of an 8 year old girl called Fox Konko-chan. She was created by Foxconn Technology Group as part of a multinational electronics contract. Recently she released her debut track called “Konko-tan no Himitsu no Uta” (Konko-tan’s secret song).

konko chan

She was designed by Tsukasa Nagano who happens to be a well known moe artist and manga illustrator with the voice duties being handled by Momobako, a voice actress and singer. The track hit music stores in Japan on December 20 as well as having a digital version for download on the Victor Entertainment’s store.

The short PV below was released by the record company to promote the track and as you can imagine…she’s very kawaii!

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