Gaming Life In Japan ~ 9/12/13 – 15/12/13

Gaming Life In Japan ~ 9/12/13 – 15/12/13

Before Christmas day it’s time for Gaming Life in Japan! Time to see how software and hardware sales are going in the land of Otaku’s and also to check what’s setting the charts on fire.

The software chart sees a new entry for the Nintendo 3DS take the top spot with Puzzle & Dragons Z shifting over 540k units in its first week. Pokemon X/Y are still keeping gamers busy which is evident by the game sitting in the 2nd spot. The 3rd spot is occupied by a Wii U title, Super Mario 3D World shifting more than 55k units, a great effort by a AAA title from Nintendo. We’ve already seen one new entry in the charts, the other one is for the PS3, Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation takes out the 4th spot while another PS3 title, Call of Duty: Ghosts Dubbed Version, takes out the 6th position. Hunting fans will be pleased to see Monster Hunter 4 still having a presence in the 9th spot this week with total sales of over 3 million units!

Shifting our attention to the hardware sales sees no big change for the 3DS with the handheld still in 1st position with sales of over 130k this week. The big jump is the Wii U with sales of 74,903 units pushing it into 2nd position. This is a huge difference compared to last week’s figure of 48,762 units! Sony’s handheld, the PS Vita, is still enjoying good sales, good enough to see it take out the 4th spot with 30,440 units shifted this week. while bringing up the rear is the Xbox 360 selling through 536 units, ouch.

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