A Quick Look At The Kill La Kill Soundtrack

A Quick Look At The Kill La Kill Soundtrack

Fans of video game and anime soundtracks will be pleased to hear about the following news. Righstuf.com is now offering the Kill la Kill soundtrack for pre-order.

kill la kill soundtrack

It launched yesterday in Japan and today we can give you a preview of what you can expect along with a track listing.

Track Listing:

  1. Before My Body is Dry
  2. goriLLAJAL
  3. INUKA3L
  4. Blumenkranz
  5. AdLALib
  7. KILL7laKILL
  8. Suck your blood
  9. Kixtu9=KELL
  10. K1llwaiLL
  11. Light Your Heart Up
  12. HILL la liLL
  13. KiLL LA KiLL
  14. KiRYU ha KiLL
  15. I Want to Know
  16. NELLnaKl9
  17. KiLLaKiLL
  18. Till I Die
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