Pokemon Given Away In Japan

Pokemon Given Away In Japan

The Pokemon Centres in Japan are in full swing for New Year celebrations and this is clearly evident by a special Pokemon being given away.

Visitors to all the Pokemon Centres in Japan with a copy of Pokemon X/Y will be receiving a special type of Inkay Pokemon. This special Pokemon was only available at the latest centre to open in the Tokyo Bay but the promotion has now spread to all stores. What makes this Inkay special to others, is that it’ll come with a special ability called Happy Time or Happy Hour, depending on your translation.

inkay 2

This ability allows the Pokemon to double the money won at the end of each battle that he’s a part of when you use the skill. This special ability cannot be taught elsewhere and apart from this promotion, the only way to get this skill is if you pick up an Inkay that already has the move. It’s a very unique ability so make sure you don’t make him forget it or trade him!

inkay 1


The giveaway will run until January 26, 2014 so if you’re going to be in Japan before then, don’t miss out!

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