Rilakkuma Couch Requires Deep Pockets

Rilakkuma Couch Requires Deep Pockets

Anyone loving cuddly bears from Japan will be a fan of Rilakkuma, the bear whose name is a combination of relax and the Japanese word for bear, kuma. This adorable bear has many fans across the globe and already has a large number of merchandise available for fans.

rila cush 1

Now, a Japanese furniture maker in Japan, Okawa Kagu, has raised the bar slightly by offering a made to order Rilakkuma couch. But having having something this amazing, unique and original never comes cheap. The couch can be yours for just under $US2000 at ¥1,890. Yikes! The entire item is hand made and even includes cuddly ears you can squeeze.

Cute and adorable, who’s queuing up for one?

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