Japan Spotlight – Looking At Manga Cafes

Japan Spotlight – Looking At Manga Cafes

What we know as internet cafes are commonly called manga cafes in Japan. These are spaces where you can grab a coffee, grab some internet time, read manga for a fee and some even have cats that frolic around you as you grab some down time.

If you’re in the Gifu prefecture, you can hunt one down called Manga Kissa Hanako which for the outrageously great price of ¥450 provides you with an all you can eat buffet. If lunch is more your thing, you can grab a 2 hour lunch for ¥880.

If your taste buds are after something more though, then Pancake Conpara Cafe might be more your thing. It manages to put pancakes and a manga cafe into the mix and results ins something all unique. The pc’s are all in a separate section of the venue so you can happily eat away while checking your email.

All you cat lovers out there will love this next one. It’s a manga and cat cafe put together. This is a fancy 5 floor cafe and while manga cafe visitors can’t come into the cat cafe section however the manga from the cat cafe is allowed into the manga cafe part. The best part? The drinks are free.

Internet cafe on 1F~3F, cat cafe on 4F~5F

Anyone out there have any experiences with these type of cafes in Japan?

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