Yoplait Yoghurt Teams Up With Puzzle & Dragons On 3DS

Yoplait Yoghurt Teams Up With Puzzle & Dragons On 3DS

Puzzle & Dragons Z on the Nintendo 3DS has been doing great business in Japan. The game has been kept busy on the software charts since the game’s release in December, 2013.

Now the game will be crossing over into the food industry by releasing their own brand of yoghurt. This is possible be teaming up with yoghurt manufacturer, Yoplait, and confectionery maker, Meiji.



The variety called the Meiji Yoplait Gurt! Syrup Discovery! Heart Drop Peach Flavour will also come with a small bonus. The bonus is a code that will give you access to a locked dungeon in the game. You’ll even come across a yoghurt Chimera in the game.

puzzledragon_yoghurt 2


Collecting 2 barcodes from the yoghurt is also your entry to win a copy of the game, there’s 100 up for grabs. But if you’re not that lucky, there are also 1000 Level 70 UR Chimera’s called Gurt which you can win. The Chimera doesn’t have any yoghurt attacks and is also a Water type.

puzzledragon_yoghurt 3

As yet, there’s no news if this game will be localised and released in the West but fingers crossed.

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