Super Sonico Goes Super Pochaco

Anyone following Super Sonico would know that she’s been blessed with generous endowments and measurements. But have you ever asked yourself, “What would she look like if she were, I dunno, bigger?”

pochaco 1

Well, that question has been answered by the designer, Santa Tsuji, who gave her the following measurements: B-107, W-79, H-94. That’s Bust, Waist and Hips. Compared to her normal dimensions of B90-W57-H87. This new model will be put into production and will be on magnets and of course, a figure, just for a start. The figure will be available this forthcoming Spring and while the finished product hasn’t been revealed, there are pics of the unpainted prototype.

There’s also a cowgirl mock-up prototype which you can see below.

And for the dakimakura lovers out there, here’s a shot of the body pillow.

pochaco dakimakura

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