New Tokusatsu Film For Japan

New Tokusatsu Film For Japan

Japan is in for a treat with the announcement that a new tokusatsu film is in the works. The film is called Jyosizu which can be translated as “a girls team”, more or less. The film falls in to the comedy/action genre and involves 5 modern young ladies who form a Super Sentai team to take on the might of a tyrannical army force.

tokusatsu jyosizu

Manga artist Kazuhiko Shimamoto is in charge of the outfit design who previously did the original design for TV anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam, back in 1994. The 5 main actresses in the lead roles are Mina Fujii (Blue/Mika aota), Mirei Kiritani (Red/Naoko Akagi), Mitsuki Yamamoto (Navy/Sumire Konno), Kasumi Asumi (Green/Konoko Midoriyama) and Mitsuki Takahata (Yellow/Yuri Kikawada). The movie will make its premiere in Japan on June 7.

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