Attack On Titan 3D Manoeuvre Gear For New Museum

There are quite a few Attack on Titan fans that will be excited at the next bit of news. Osaka, Japan is now host to a new AoT museum that just opened. Like a lot of things of this nature, the museum is time limited being open until February 16 but their main attraction will need to be seen to be believed.

The museum has a life sized replica of the 3D manoeuvre gear as seen in the show and used by the Corps. This is all being put together to start the hype machine rolling for the live action adaptation movie of the anime due some time in 2015.

aot museum poster

It’s all taking place at the Osaka ATC (Asia & Pacific Trade Center) with the charge to enter being ¥800. It’s open from 1PM through to 8PM with a last entry shut off at 7:30PM on weekdays while on weekends, it’s from 10AM until 5PM on Saturdays. And with a really cool twist, the promo posters for the attraction advise patrons to come decked out in cosplay. Only in Japan.

Figure tall is your favourite character?
Figure scale…how tall is your favourite character?

You can also replicate the famous opening scene with the Titan peering over the wall with a cool prop wall setup. They even supply the mask for you to wear and terrorise people over the wall for a photo shoot.

aot wall


Full venue details below:

Asia & Pacific Trade Center
2−1−10 Nankokita, Suminoe Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone: +81 6-6615-5230

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