Family Mart Rolls Out Attack On Titan Goods

Family Mart Rolls Out Attack On Titan Goods

Family Mart is a franchise of convenience stores on Japan similar to 7-11. They always manage to snag some cool giveaway with anime’s or video games. Last year they were running a promotion involving Hatsune Miku giveaways while this time around, it’s the turn of hugely popular series, Attack on Titan.

attack on titan poster

The following products are available from the online store of Family Mart.

In other Attack on Titan news, the home town of series author, Hajime Isayama, have also created their own Titan related alcoholic merchandise. The town, Ōyama, is well known for their brand of plum wine and they’ve started to produce a collection called the Survey Corp set.

corp set 1


The set will cost ¥6, 500 and as it’s alcohol, it’s only available to people over 20 years of age. Set to go on sale in March, the three bottles are Erwin label yume hibiki, Hanji label kisyu nanko umeshu and Levi label tea umeshu with the 3 bottles measuring 500ml.

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