Science Magazine Ships Hatsune Miku Soundboard

Science Magazine Ships Hatsune Miku Soundboard

Now here’s a cool freebie that you don’t see everyday. A science magazine in Japan,  Otona no Kagaku (Science for Adults) , will be packaging a cool extra in the April edition.

They will bundle in a  “DSX-39″ Pocket Miku which is essentially a pocket keyboard which reproduces vocaloid sounds. The keyboard makes this possible by utilising the  eVocaloid “NSX-1″ sound chip on board.

miku keyboard


Sounds are entered via a stylus touch keyboard and incorporates nine buttons. Through one of three different sound modes included, you can have Miku saying the vowels, do-re-mi or one of five preset lyrics which can be programmed through a USB cable. However the sounds you produce are not able to be copied back to your pc.

miku keyboard 2


Here’s a breakdown of the different sounds and what the button do.

Buttons 1-5: sing a~o (vowels)
Button 6: vibrato
Button 7: shift
Button 8: volume up
Button 9: volume down
Button 7+1-5: choose preset lyrics
Button 7+6: Do-re-mi mode (sing the scale)
Button 7+8: octave up

The magazine releases on April 3rd and will retail for ¥5, 229.

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