Opening Cinematic For Motto! SoniComi & Some Extras

Opening Cinematic For Motto! SoniComi & Some Extras

In the past few weeks, we’ve becomes HUGE fans of Nitroplus girl, Super Sonico. We agree that her anime wasn’t quite what some people were expecting but we can’t get enough of it! So we were besides ourselves when Kadokawa Games and Nitroplus released the opening cinematic video for the upcoming PS3 title, Motto! SoniComi. The game looks set to be a love communication game which hits Japan on March the 20th.

sonico ps3

The gameplay will consist of you interacting with Sonico chan by taking pictures of her during the many photographic sections of the game. There will also be some adventure segments during which you can increase your relationship with her too. The handful of videos below show off the opening movie for the game and then some photoshoot and adventure gameplay videos so you can see what awaits you.

Opening cinematic

Photoshoot Gameplay 1

Pbhotoshoot Gameplay 2

Photoshoot Gameplay 3

Photoshoot Gameplay 4

Adventure Gameplay 1

Adventure Gameplay 2

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