Gaming Life In Japan ~ 24/2/14 – 2/3/14

Time for another looking at the gaming world direct from Japan and this time we’re almost nearly on time with Gaming Life in Japan! Let’s have a look and see if the PS4 continues the success it enjoyed last week following the Japan launch.

First things first, software tells an interesting tale with last week’s number one, Knack, being relegated to second spot. Taking the top spot this week is a game for the 3DS, Harvest Moon: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi, from Marvelous AQL. Coming in for the third spot is Kaseki Horider: Mugen Gear also for the Nintendo 3DS  as well as being a new game for the charts. PS3 title, Yakuza: Ishin, sees a massive drop in sales which pushes it to 4th spot on the top 10 list. While smack bang in the middle of the chart is Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Wonderful Mysterious Keys enjoying moderate success on the 3DS. A PS4 title doesn’t make another appearance until number 8 which is Yakuza: Ishin, another game that saw a huge sales slump despite having huge number last week for a popular franchise.

harvest moon jp

The PS Vita enjoys some chart time with Deception IV: Blood Ties in 9th position while bringing up the rear in number 10 is Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

Now the big one…hardware chart! Let’s see how the PS4 did this week. And…for the second week in a row, the Playstation 4 is still the highest selling hardware with 65,685 units shifted this week. This effort pushes the 3DS into 2nd spot with 26,027 handhelds sold as the PS Vita slides into 3rd spot with 21,581 units shifted which is actually up from last week’s figure. For the full numbers, you can check out the charts below but we can’t wait to see if the PS4 continues to shake things up in Japan!

Software chart

  • [3DS] Harvest Moon: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi (Marvelous AQL, 02/27/14) – 130,782 (New)
  • [PS4] Knack (02/22/14) – 66,772 (376,076)
  • [3DS] Kaseki Horider: Mugen Gear (Nintendo, 02/27/14) – 58,329 (New)
  • [PS3] Yakuza: Ishin (Sega, 02/22/14) – 54,148 (192,305)
  • [3DS] Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Wonderful Mysterious Keys (Square Enix, 02/06/14) – 53,276 (687,709)
  • [3DS] Yokai Watch (Level-5, 07/11/13) – 37,493 (496,455)
  • [PS3] Deception IV: Blood Ties (Tecmo Koei, 02/27/14) – 23,254 (New)
  • [PS4] Yakuza: Ishin (Sega, 02/22/14) – 22,466 (105,006)
  • [PSV] Deception IV: Blood Ties (Tecmo Koei, 02/27/14) – 19,322 (New)
  • [3DS] Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Nintendo, 01/09/14) – 17,706 (475,502)

ps4 controller

Hardware chart

  • PlayStation 4 – 65,685 (309,154)
  • 3DS LL – 26,027 (22,253)
  • PlayStation Vita – 21,581 (16,857)
  • PlayStation 3 – 13,155 (9,983)
  • 3DS – 11,986 (9,898)
  • Wii U – 8,204 (8,407)
  • PSP – 3,652 (3,171)
  • PlayStation Vita TV – 1,543 (1,383)
  • Xbox 360 – 257 (241)
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