Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection Bonuses For Japan

Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection Bonuses For Japan

Weren’t we just saying the other day about the cool stuff that Japan gets for otakus? Well, as if you need another reminder, we’re giving you one anyways. Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection collects the first 3 adventures of Phoenix Wright and puts them conveniently on a 3DS cartridge. Being originally DS games, they’ve been revamped with 3D vision and by pre-ordering at different outlets in Japan, lucky gamers will receive cool collectables.

phoenix bonus


So let’s a take a look going clockwise and starting with top left. A 305x205mm bromide from Animate, cleaning cloth from AmiAmi, a sliding tile puzzle game courtesy of HMV Online and lastly, a 2L bromide from Stella Worth.

The game unleashes on Japan on April 17.

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