Crunchyroll Comes To PS Vita

Crunchyroll Comes To PS Vita

If own a PS Vita, you’ll know how gorgeous the huge AMOLED screen is and how everything comes to life on it. Great news then with the release of the Crunchyroll app for the PS Vita for getting your anime and drama fix on the move. The app from the PSN in North America and South America as of writing but we have our fingers crossed that someone is announced for the Australia PSN…

crunchyroll vita


And here’s the official press release about it.

Crunchyroll premium members can now watch their favorite Anime and Asian drama video content on their PS Vita system. Crunchyroll’s streaming content service is also available on various game consoles, mobile devices, tablets, set-top boxes, connected TVs and more.


“Today, we are delighted to partner with PlayStation to bring Crunchyroll to the PS Vita system,” said Rupert Chen, VP of Engineering at Crunchyroll. “Our company strives to deliver the best quality content for Anime and Asian drama fans whenever and wherever.”


Chen believes that the PS Vita system is an especially suitable platform for Crunchyroll’s streaming content service. “It’s no secret that there is a strong crossover between Anime and gaming. We are pleased to give our audience another way to connect with their favorite shows on the go on a device that they already enjoy on a daily basis.”

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