Madoka Magica Event For Japan

The annual Golden Week holidays have just finished in Japan, occurring between May 3 – 6 and this year, there was an extra special event. The area in Japan known as Ikebukuro hosted a Madoka Magica event which turned out to be very popular.

madoka event 1

The event featured life sized figures of the girls, cafe style drinks and special appearance by the voice actors Emiri Kato, Ai Nonaka, Aoi Yuuki and Kaori Mizuhashi. Prior to the event, attendees were warned to expect waits of up 90 minutes and then some, so bringing your own water to the event was essential.

madoka event 2

madoka event 3

madoka event 4


If you happen to be in Osaka in the coming week, you can catch the event there from May 17 – 18.

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