Nintendo To Release New 3DS Models

Nintendo To Release New 3DS Models

Stop the press! Nintendo, not content with pretty much ruling the handheld market, have announced some groundbreaking news. A new 3DS model has been announced in both regular and XL size versions. However the changes to the new model go beyond purely aesthetic with some major changes under the hood.

First of all, it’s known as the “New Nintendo 3DS” and one of the more hotly debated and asked for hardware revisions looks like it’s finally going to be a reality. The new models will be coming with a slider pad which will function as a second circle pad which will hopefully open up a different avenue for game developers. A new more responsive operating system will come loaded, can’t wait to see that! More exciting is the addition of new shoulder buttons known as ZL and ZR buttons. The bottom touch screen will be able to be used as a NFC reader while the new model will also be compatible with the recently announced Amiibo characters. The 3D viewing sweet spot area has also been vastly improved while the headphone jack, game card slot and stylus have all been shifted to the bottom of the until. The START and SELECT buttons have also been revamped and moved to the bottom right.


Looking at the back of the unit, the plate also comes off to facilitate the microSD card slot and you’ll be able to wirelessly sync the New 3DS data to your PC…that’s right, wirelessly. The volume control sees a shift to the other side of the 3D slider. The new regular sized model will also come with interchangeable faceplates (like the Gameboy Micro) however the XL version looks unlikely to support the cool feature.

They been priced at ¥18,800 (XL) and ¥16,000 (regular) with no launch date or window as yet.

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