KanColle Introduces New Ship Girls

KanColle Introduces New Ship Girls

Kantai Collection is a broswer based game that has really taken off in Japan. Known an KanColle or KanKore, the games revolves around a of warships reimagined as young girls. The game recently kicked off its Fall 2014 campaign which will run until November 28th, 2014.


More importantly, this new update is introducing some girls/warships. The new campaign is called the Western New Guinea campaign and introduces three new Japanese girls/warships and one German ship. First up is Asagumo who happens to be an Asashio-class Destroyer. Then there’s Nowaki, a Kagerou-class Destroyer while Akizuki is an Akizuki-class Destroyer and then there’s Prinz Eugen, an Admiral Hipper-class Heavy Cruiser. Pics are below so you can get a good look at the new characters. I wonder if these ones will be in the recently announced anime?

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