Madoka Magica x Monster Hunter Frontier G Collaboration

Madoka Magica x Monster Hunter Frontier G Collaboration

Those adorable magical girls from Puella Magi Madoka Magica just can’t seem to stay still for too long. News is emerging from Japan that they’ve teamed up with Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise in a new and exciting collaboration. The game in question is Monster Hunter Frontier G and some information has begun to leak out regarding the details, here’s what we know so far, but first have a trailer with some cool sneak peeks.

The game will be featuring some costume revisions with Madoka Kaname and her Fleur bow, the Lorelei Liebe twin swords, a Kyubey costume, Akemi Homura, Mami Tomoe along with her Fata Magia musket, Sayaka Miki, a Dessert witch and lastly, Kyoto Sakura and the Mansana spear. There’s an event this coming Wednesday which promises to reveal more information, we’ll keep you posted what eventuates from that.

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