Kit Kat Launches New Flavour

Kit Kat Launches New Flavour

Ask anyone who’s been to Japan one thing that was memorable about their trip and undoubtedly, the many and varied flavours of Kit Kat unique to Japan would come up.

The Kit Kat Chocolatory is preparing to expand operations to Sapporo, the chocolate maker will be releasing a new flavour to mark the occasion. Roll the drums please, the new flavour is…

Butter flavoured Kit Kat!
butter kitkat

Like a lot of the flavours in Japan, this will one be unique to the Sapporo Chocolatory when the store commences operations on March 7, 2015. ¥1200 will snag you a 12 pack while forking over ¥400 will get you a 4 pack.

The big question is, who’s keen to try out a butter flavoured Kit Kat?

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