Shinjuku Shows Dragon Quest Promo

Shinjuku Shows Dragon Quest Promo

Here’s another cool promo from Japan for the launch of the latest Dragon Quest game, Dragon Quest Heroes.

bubble wrap slimes

In a joint collaboration between Square Enix and Sony, an entire wall at the Marunouchi Line at Shinjuku train station, has been covered in 100,000 bubble wrap Slimes from the game.

bubble wrap slimes 2


The wall is in the Tokyo Metro part of the station and commuters are actively encouraged to pop the bubbles on the wall during their daily commute.

bubble wrap slimes 3

The official site keeps count on how many are left and there are also some cool wallpaper downloads as well. The campaign started on February 23rd and runs through to March 1st, 2015. Dragon Quest Heroes launches today in Japan for the PS4.

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