Umbrella In Japan Makes Rain Kawaii

Umbrella In Japan Makes Rain Kawaii

Leave it up to the smart people of Japan to invent a way of turning something mundane into an eye opener. There’s a new umbrella on the market that makes the simple act of using an umbrella when raining, a fun activity.

umbrella 1

As water hits the umbrella, the water sensitive, yet waterproof fabric, begins to reveal cute paw prints in the material. And it isn’t just paw prints, cats that show up in the design.

umbrella 2

While the designs on the umbrella appear light at first depending on the rain so as the rain becomes heavier, the designs become darker and more visible.

umbrella 3

And the best part about the umbrella? It’s made for couple so you can huddle in the rain, under the umbrella’s protection, with a loved one.

umbrella 4

The umbrella is available from online retailer, Izaveil. Pick up your one today from here for ¥2,700.

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