TGS 2015: Tokyo Xanadu Update

TGS 2015: Tokyo Xanadu Update

Anyone waiting for new on the PS Vita title, Tokyo Xanadu, need look no further than Tokyo Game Show. Falcom has recently revealed some plans they have for the RPG at next month’s Tokyo Game Show. First off, the game will playable on the floor and anyone who plays it will be walking away with an A4 clearfile as freebie swag, there’s a special “Tachikawa x Xanadu” magazine which will be given away at their booth. SPiKA is an idol girl group that features in the game, Falcom has brought together five schoolgirls who will be performing “Seize the Day” which is the theme song for the game.


Merchandise will also be on offer with CD singles of “Seize the Day” being sold along with some Tokyo Xanadu related merch.

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