Sake Flavoured Kit Kats For Japan

Sake Flavoured Kit Kats For Japan

Have you ever been eating a Kit Kat and thought that what was missing was, say maybe, sake flavoured Kit Kat? You read that correctly…rice water alcohol. I’ll fess up and admit that the thought never crossed my mind but of course in Japan where the Kit Kat flavours are endless, this will be a reality.

sake kit kat

The delicious chocolate bars will have sake powder added to the production mix which Nestle assures will give you a lasting essence in the smell while the taste won’t be strong and overpowering. I’ll admit I’m curious and really want to get my hands on some. They go on sale on the 1st of February and will retail for ¥150 for 3 packs while a special 9 pack box will cost ¥700.

sake kit kat box

Source: Nestlé Japan

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