Sakura Pepsi For Japan

Sakura Pepsi For Japan

Didn’t I just finish doing a post about the sometimes wacky and different food items and flavours that you can encounter in Japan? Well, here’s a new one…Sakura flavoured Pepsi. That’s right, cherry blossom flavoured Pepsi.

We’ve seen Salty Watermelon, Pepsi Shiso, Pepsi Tropical and even Pepsi White but now it’s the turn of one of the most iconic sights in Japan, the Cherry Blossom.

pepsi sakura

It hits stores from the 8th of March and the makers, White Suntory, are saying that it has the cherry blossom flavour and smell…colour me curious! The bottle itself looks stunning and would make a nice collectible too. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab a bottle…even if it’s empty.

PS. Just as an addendum to this story, I recently subscribed to monthly Japanese candy and snack provider, Tokyo Treat, and guess what came in the April box? PEPSI SAKURA!!


So I can confirm first hand that this beverage is very tasty!! For a quick concise review, tastes like it was made with natural spring water, it’s very sparkling. More so than usual soft drink and tastes like cherry with a nice after taste that lingers. Very very tasty!!

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