Sakura Beer Coming To Japan

Sakura Beer Coming To Japan

Yes, we’ve read about chocolate fries and honey lemon shakes and whole heap of other stuff that makes us envious of the different culinary delights in Japan. But for me, as a beer lover, this next one makes me teary. In a “I wish I was in Japan” kind of way. Coming back to Japan just in time for the Cherry Blossom season is Sakura beer.

The beer is called Sankt Gallen Sakura and is being produced by Sankt Gallen out of the Kanagawa prefecture, the same group responsible for doing the same thing this time last year.

sakura beer

It’s said to contain 5% alcohol and contains flowers from the cherry blossom species of tree known as the yaezakura. It’ll set you back a reasonable ¥463 (alcohol is ridiculously cheap in Japan!) and will hit stores from February 23rd through to early April. Get drinking!

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